Coon Rapids Certified

Feel confident about your pre-owned vehicle with the Coon Rapids Certified Warranty

120 month/100,000 miles Powertrain Limited Warranty*

3 month/3,000 miles Comprehensive Warranty**

When buying a pre-owned vehicle, you want to be confident that it comes with coverage to offset expensive repairs in the event of a mechanical breakdown. That is why for qualified vehicles, we offer a Powertrain Limited Warranty to help keep your vehicle on the road and more money in your pocket.

To qualify, all vehicles must pass a 110-point inspection that covers nearly every mechanical aspect of this vehicle. If any covered component is recommended to be fixed, it has to be fixed in order to qualify. We are so confident with our inspection that we guarantee it with 3 months/3,000 Miles of Comprehensive Warranty at no extra charge. Upgrades available at the time of purchase.

With a $200 Deductible per repair visit, all of the following are included:

  • $100 Roadside Assistance
  • $100 Towing Allowance
  • $40 First Day Rental
  • $250/Day Trip Interruption Coverage***

*10 years/100,000 miles warranty is good for 10 years from vehicle’s original in-service date or 100,000 miles on the odometer, whichever comes first.
**3 Months/3,000 Miles Comprehensive coverage is good for 3 Months or 3,000 Miles from purchase, whichever comes first.
***Roadside Assistance provided in the event breakdown occurs over 100 miles away from your home. Maximum of three days or until vehicle is repaired, whichever occurs first.

To view the entire program offering, click the link below.

Powertrain Limited Warranty

110-point vehicle inspection list


1. Under 100,000 miles
2. Nine model years or newer
3. No frame damage
4. Clean title
5. Aftermarket accessories do not compromise safety, emissions or operation of vehicle

6. Warranty Manual
7. Owner’s Manual
8. Operational key
9. CARFAX® Report

Pre-Road Test Underhood checks
10. Hood release
11. Brake fluid
12. Power steering fluid filled
13. Wiper/washer fluid filled
14. Battery condition/load test
15. Charging system operation
16. Throttle linkage operation

Operational checks
17. Remote key fob
18. Door/liftgate/trunk
19. Seat adjuster
20. Steering column adjuster
21. Ignition switch
22. Malfunction indicator lamp/warning lamp
23. Air bag system
24. Trip computer/overhead console
25. Heated seat
26. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning system
27. Turn signal/hazard lamps
28. Horn
29. Brake lamps
30. Headlamp/high beam/low beam
32. Door locks (all switches)
33. Windows
34. Parking brake
35. Fog lamp
36. Windshield wiper system operation
37. Wiper blades in good condition
38. Rearview mirror
39. Sideview mirrors
40. Rear defroster
41. Seat belts
42. Convertible top
43. Sunroof

Road Test
44. Ease of starting
45. Cold-idle quality
46. Gear selector operation

Steering performance
47. Power steering performance
48. Steering wheel center alignment
49. Vehicle tracking performance

Equipment operation
50. Cruise control
51. Overdrive
52. Instrument panel/gauges
53. Sound and/or entertainment system

Powertrain performance
54. Acceleration performance
55. Upshifting performance
56. Downshifting performance
57. Steady throttle performance
58. Transfer case all-wheel-drive performance
59. Hot-idle performance

Braking performance
60. Brake booster performance
61. Vehicle tracking
62. Antilock Brake System
63. Overall stopping performance

Vehicle comfort
64. Free from wind leaks

Post-Road Test
65. Fluid leaks visible inspection
66. All fluid levels (underhood)
67. Hot restart performance

Perform the following fluid inspection and/or changes:
68. Change engine oil & oil filter
69. Inspect air filter
70. Automatic & Manual transmission fluid and filter
71. Engine coolant level and test

72. Front brakes have 50% or more of lining remaining
73. Front and rear brake component condition
74. Rear brakes have 50% or more of lining remaining
75. Perform outstanding vehicle campaigns
76. Tires match and are manufacturers recommended size/load capacity
77. Wheels match and are correct size and offset
78. Tread depth is 4/32″ remaining
79. Tire sidewall condition
80. Brake-line condition
81. Shocks and struts condition
82. CV joints boot condition
83. Exhaust system
84. Front suspension
85. Rear suspension
86. Steering components
87. Wheel bolts torqued to specifications
88. Tire-changing equipment (including spare, if applicable)
89. Drive belts are tight and not damaged
90. Engine hoses
91. Emission system hoses
92. State/local testing

Exterior condition
93. Body panels
94. Fascias
95. Bumpers
96. Decals/emblems/trim pieces in place
97. Wheel/wheel covers
98. Truck bed/bedliner

Interior Condition
99. Instrument panel
100. Door panels
101. Seating
102. Headliner/package tray
103. Luggage compartment
104. Carpet/mats/floor mats

Exterior detailing
105. Clean engine compartment
106. Touch up/recondition minor surface scratches
107. Exterior wash and wax
108. Wipe down all door jambs
Interior detailing
109. Clean vinyl, plastic, glass and leather surfaces
110. Vacuum and/or shampoo all interior carpets

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