Market Pricing

What is Market Pricing?

At Coon Rapids CDJR we believe buying a new vehicle should be an exciting and fun experience.  Unfortunately, with all the confusing and misleading price formulas that are around, too often it is a math problem that seems impossible to solve.

That is why we invented Market Pricing.  Instead of putting unrealistic sales prices to mislead you, we will always be exact with you on what you qualify for with our process.  No more grouping rebates and discounts into one number so you don’t know what exactly is going on.  No more made up trade in discounts that come from undervaluing your trade in.  We are so up front with you about our pricing that we offer an online payment calculator that allows you to calculate lease payments, finance payments, a cash purchase, or even your own bank’s payments.  Remember, if you can’t calculate the payment using the online price, is it really the price?

We now have the technology to enter your information and match you to each of the incentives that you qualify for based on your personal profile. In addition, we scour every offer in the market to determine the very best price on the vehicle you are looking for.

We will also enter your current vehicle into a national database to determine the highest current value and then we give you at least that amount on trade or we will purchase it outright from you.

The result is that you know you’re getting the very best deal without the run around. You can enjoy the exciting purchase with peace of mind based on real time information. With the largest inventory in the state we will probably have your vehicle in stock, but in the rare case that we do not, we can source it from up to 400 miles away for no extra charge.


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